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"We do not need what belongs to someone else, we will get back ours!"A brief tutorial program for everyone who is far from understanding what is happening between Azerbaijan and Armenia.October 1827 - the RUSSIAN EMPIRE annexes the Irevan khanate, and includes its territory in the newly created Armenian region by the decree of Tsar Nicholas I of March 21, 1828. Irevan becomes a center of attraction for Armenian immigrants.1918-1920 - the Armenian government carries out ethnic cleansing in Zangezur in order to oust Azerbaijanis from their ancestral lands. The warlords Andranik and Nzhdeh partially liquidate and partially expel the Azerbaijani population from Zangezur. The Zangezur massacres of civilians were recorded by European journalists.
On December 1, 1920, with the decision of Moscow administration, a large part of the Zangezur district of Azerbaijan was transferred to Armenia.
February 18, 1929 with the decision of Moscow officials the territory of Nakhchivan area of 657 km2 – villages Gurdbulag, Goradiz, Ogbon, Almaly, Itgyran, Sultanbey, Garsevan, Kilid etc., and also Nuvadi village of Zangilan district and 4,400 hectares of Gazakh district was handed over to Armenia.
1930. According to the decision of the Moscow authorities, Aldara, Lekhvaz, Astazur and other settlements of Nakhchivan were transferred to Armenia, and the Meghri district is created based on these.
1938. According to the decision of the Moscow authorities, part of the villages of Sadarak and Karki in Nakhchivan were transferred to Armenia.
1947-1953 years. According to the decision of the Soviet leadership, 150,000 Azerbaijanis from places of compact residence are resettled in Azerbaijan.

1969. With the decision of authorities in Moscow, the territory of Garagel of Lachin district, Chayzemi of Gubadly district, Kemerli village of Gazakh district, and Zod goldfield of Kalbajar district were given to Armenia.
1982. With the decision of Moscow administration, injedere the plateau, part of territories of villages Kemerli, Aslanbeyli and Gaymagly of Gazakh region were transferred to Armenia.
1986. According to the decision of the Moscow authorities, the territory of 2,500 hectares of the Gazakh region was transferred to Armenia.
December 25, 1988. The deportation of the native population of more than 700,000 Azerbaijanis from Armenia, which was created almost entirely on the territories of Azerbaijan, is coming to an end.
January 18, 1990. Armenian armed groups occupied the village of Karki in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

August 8, 1991. The Armenian government evacuated the last village, Nuvadi, where Azerbaijanis lived. The peaceful population of the village was beaten and expelled from Armenia.
On February 25-26, 1992, Armenian armed bands with the support of the 366th regiment of the "RUSSIAN ARMY" attacked the city of Khojaly and committed genocide against Azerbaijanis.
With the military, political, and financial support of a third party, Armenian armed groups occupied the city of Shusha on may 8, 1992, Lachin on may 18, 1992, Kalbajar district on April 2, 1993, Aghdam on July 23, 1993, Fizuli on August 23, 1993, Jabrayil on August 23, 1993, Gubadly on August 31, 1993, and Zangilan on October 29, 1993. From 1991 to 1994, the territories of Azerbaijan – Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 districts were occupied: Kalbajar, Lachin,Gubadly, Jabrayil, Zangilan, Aghdam and Fizuli.
At the moment, our valiant Army is fighting to restore the territorial integrity of its country , whose borders are recognized by the world community , including the Russian Federation.

Azerbaijani refugees will return to their homes, to their native hearths. May Allah help them to win the victory over the invaders and return the Land of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers !!!

Sarraf Kerimov
President Of The United Organization Of World Azerbaijanisшаблоны для dle 11.2
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